The ASSC William James Prize for Contributions to the Study of Consciousness

Every year one prize will be awarded for the most outstanding single published contribution to the empirical or philosophical study of consciousness by a graduate student or postdoctoral scholar/researcher who obtained a PhD or other advanced degree within 5 years of the submission deadline (ie for the 2015 prize, that is either a current graduate student or somebody that was awarded their PhD after January 31st 2010). For a list of previous Prize winner's, please see here.

The deadline for the next Prize submission is: 31st of January 2015

The prize consists of:

  • An award of $1000(USD)
  • An invitation to present a plenary address at ASSC19, held in July 2015 in Paris, France (travel, accommodation, and registration paid by ASSC)
  • A lifetime membership in ASSC

Nominations, including self nominations, should be sent to the Executive Director at (re: james prize). The nomination letter should include a brief statement as to why the contribution is outstanding, and for co-authored publications, there should be a statement describing the nominee's role. To be considered, the contribution must be published or accepted for publication and be written in English. Electronic copies in PDF format of the contribution and the nominee's CV should be attached to the nomination letter.

Prize Committee:

  • Stanislas Dehaene
  • Ralph Adolphs
  • Thomas Metzinger
  • Andreas Engel

In case of potential conflict of interest stemming from a connection between an applicant and a member of the Prize Committee, that member of the committee will not participate in judging the application in question.

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