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This archive is provided by ASSC with the aim of promoting the scientific study of consciousness and by making the work of members of the association freely and easily accessible to interested readers.

The archive carries academic publications which relate directly to consciousness studies and are authored (or co-authored) by ASSC members, including journal articles, book chapters and ASSC conference materials (abstracts, posters, presentations); in essentially all cases, we will insist that submitted material has already been peer-reviewed.

Submission is restricted to ASSC members:

All submissions will be checked for eligibility by the eprints committee. If successful, your eprint will be deposited in the repository, if it is unsuccessful it will be returned to you with an explanation. All submissions will be reviewed as quickly as possible, but please allow up to two weeks.

Information for Authors:

When submitting papers to the archive, you will be asked to indicate your agreement to the following terms:

  • For work being deposited by its own author:
    In self-archiving this collection of files and associated bibliographic metadata, I grant ASSC publications the right to store them and to make them permanently available publicly for free on-line. I declare that this material is my own intellectual property and I understand that ASSC publications does not assume any responsibility if there is any breach of copyright in distributing these files or metadata. (All authors are urged to prominently assert their copyright on the title page of their work.)
  • For work being deposited by someone other than its author:
    I hereby declare that the collection of files and associated bibliographic metadata that I am archiving at ASSC publications is in the public domain. If this is not the case, I accept full responsibility for any breach of copyright that distributing these files or metadata may entail.

Typically, if the work is your own, and has appeared at an ASSC conference and nowhere else, then there should be nothing here to worry you. However, possible conflict arises when you are uploading a paper which has appeared (or will appear) in a third-party journal. In this case you are urged to make sure that you comply with the publisher's copyright restrictions.

A list of all open access journals is available at the Directory of Open Access Journals

If your paper was not published in an open accesss journal then you should check the relevant copyright information for the journal.

The SHERPA RoMEO project may be helpful as they attempt to record the up-to-date copyright policies for all the major publishers. However, neither we, nor they, can guarantee that their records are definitive.) Their site can be searched by journal name (recommended) or by publisher name.

If you search for 'Elsevier', you will find that they are a fairly typical example, in that they allow you to archive post-print copies of your work.  Note carefully, though, that post-print in this context means your own formatted version of the final draft of the text and images, post-refereeing, and not the journal's final formatted version.

In most cases when the journal is not open access, the article MUST be submitted as an unformatted document - YOUR OWN FORMATTED VERSION of the final draft of the text and images, post-refereeing, and NOT THE JOURNAL'S FINAL FORMATTED VERSION.

We also strongly encourage you to provide a link to the official journal URL of any article which you upload. Some publishers require that you do this.

If you have any further questions please contact the eprints committee