ASSC Student Committee

The ASSC Student committee is ordinarily made up of six members (three senior members and three student members) and one local student liason. The committee is largely student-run, with help and advice from the senior members. Terms on the committee are normally three years long, and are staggered so that one student and one full member join and leave each year. The changeover happens at the end of August or early September.  If you are a Student Member of the ASSC and would like to join the committee please contact the ASSC’s executive director.

Student Members

Chair: Ting-An Lin (2013-2016)

Ting-An LinI am a master student in philosophy at Texas Tech University and also a member of Consciousness Research Group, Taipei, Taiwan. I finished my undergraduate degree in biology and spent my last year of undergraduate studying philosophy at UC Berkeley as an exchange student. After that, I served as a research assistant at Institute of Philosophy of Mind and Cognition, National Yang-Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan and engaged in consciousness research since then. I am primarily interested in the nature of the self, the unity of consciousness (and its relation to the self), and the relation between time, memory, and consciousness.

I enjoy writing, traveling, playing music, and engaging social movements. I played piano and learned to play carillon at Berkeley. I have taken part in many social movements: demanding the freedom of assembly, demanding the land justice, against the death penalty, and against media monopoly.

Sara Kimmich (2014-2017)

Sara KimmichI am a neuroscience researcher and consumer of all things conscious, curious or down right strange on the scientific horizon. I am currently an undergraduate research fellow at University of California San Diego and interests lie in understanding both the medical and legal aspects of emerging neuroimaging techniques.

My neuroimaging research has focused largely around sex differences in the clinical expression and resting state connectivity of the brain in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. I am now heading a study combining neuroimaging and endocrinological measures to observe the biological basis of gender identity in healthy populations. I intend to pursue a J.D./PhD. in neuroscience as I work towards a career in neuroscience and neuroethics research. 

Maria Giovanna Corrado (2015-2018)

Maria Giovanna CorradoI am currently enrolled in a MA in Philosophy of Psychology at King’s College London. I moved to the UK from a small town in the south of Italy and I took a BA in Philosophy at Cardiff University (UK). During my undergraduate degree, I also participated in a study abroad program at Macquarie University (Australia). My undergraduate dissertation looked at the possibility that the vehicles of consciousness are extended to processes outside the brain and, in particular, to sensorimotor dynamics.

When I travel back to Italy I enjoy making some pottery in a studio on the Amalfi Coast and I would like to explore sculpture in the future.

Auréliane Pajani (ASSC19 Local organizer)

Auréliane PajaniI am a PhD candidate in cognitive science at the École Normale Supérieure (Paris, France). I am working on visual perception, especially behavioural and neural priming which I investigate from a Bayesian prospective, using psychophysics and fMRI. I am also interested in translational cognitive science. I am promoting non-academic careers in cognitive science at the Fresco (French federation for students and young researchers in cognitive science), and I am studying business in the 'Science and Management' PhD-MBA program of the Collège des Ingénieurs.

I spend most of my free time doing yoga and improv, traveling, cooking (mostly vegan) - and being out with friends.

Senior Members

David Edelman (Full Member, 2011-2014)

The Neuroscience Institute, Experimental Neurobiology (website)

Bruno van Swinderen (Full Member, 2013-2016)