Special events

Opening ceremony

In the opening ceremony, there will be a show performed by the internationally well-known Na-Cha Studio of Folk Arts. In order to celebrate the conference and pray for every attendee, Na-Cha will perform God Commanders (官將首, Kuan Chiang Shou), one of the colorful and acrobatic routines that are employed in Taiwan.

Na-Cha Studio of Folk Arts

Formed by Kao Chih-hung (高志宏) in the mid-1990s, the group is one of the nation's leading groups specializing in temple procession arts. They are invited to represented Taiwan for many international performiong art festivals, such as the Sansa Odori Festival (2006, Japan), the Sendai Tanabata Festival (2006, Japan), the Seoul International Mask Arts Festival (2002, 2005, South Korea), and the New York International Art Festival (2001, United States).

God Commanders

The procession of God Commanders (官將首, Kuan Chiang Shou) is one of the temple fairs in Taiwan. The aim of this ritual is welcoming the carriage of the gods, dispelling evil spirits and maintaining order, just like the police force in the spirit world. Traditionally, the Kuan Chiang Shou portrayers must purify themselves by abstinence and bathing starting from three days before the procession

On the precession, the ritual starts with the worship by the facial make-up master. The facial make-up master then performs facial painting on the portrayers, which is called "Open Face". After applying the facial painting, the portrayers are ready to accept God's commands and embark upon their patrol. The portrayers then start to dance with solemn attitudes according to God's commands.

The Kuan Chiang Shou portrayers usually wear helmets, armor and straw sandals. They also carry tridents, handcuffs, fire sticks, and tiger signs as punishment tools to dispel evil spirits. Their theatrical masks, along with the ornamental temple hairs and eyebrows, prominent teeth, and decorative pheasant tail-feathers, create a rich folk legacy of colorful mask arts in Taiwan.


Opening reception

ASSC12 opening reception will be held at the Gallery of National Taiwan University History on the evening of Thursday, June 19. All delegates are invited to attend!

Gallery of National Taiwan University History

No. 1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Road, Taipei
Phone: 886-2-3366-3818
Webpage: http://www.museums.ntu.edu.tw/english/about1.jsp

The National Taiwan University (NTU) has cultivated generation after generations of distinguished NTU alumni since its foundation in 1928. Over the past decades, NTU has successfully accomplished hundreds and thousands of extraordinary records and left behind enormous amount of touching stories. These historical real life memories and minute traces on the path of academic growth are all pieced together at The Gallery of National Taiwan University History, forming the pillar of the NTU spirit. The Gallery of National Taiwan University History not only testify the university’s robust, but also act as turning gears along the time scale, persistently driving NTU into further excellency.The gallery is located at the second floor of NTU’s old main library, at the site of previous central reading room, the building itself being listed as historic monument under protection of Taipei city government. Displays now include information on the development of NTU, various landmarks in the school history, outstanding contributions by distinguished alumni, for people from all walks of life to learn about the NTU spirit, and subsequently gain identification towards the university as a whole



Student party

There will be a student party on Friday, June 20, immediately following the poster session. This will be a chance to meet other young researchers, start future collaborations, and most importantly spend some fun time together.

The event will be held at I Swear Cafe, which is near the venue.

I Swear Cafe

No.3, Lane 283, Sec. 3, Roosevelt Rd., Taipei
Phone: 886-2-2363-2011
Introduction of I Swear Cafe from Taiwan-Taipei.com




ASSC12 attendees and guests are invited to dine at the Banquet in celebration of ASSC on the evening of Saturday, June 21. The banquet will be held at Shanghai Shanghai (at Agora Garden, Taipei): Imagine those bygone, but not forgotten times of elegance and splendor in a pre-war Shanghai. Enjoy Shanghai food with the live band playing your favorite music!

This event is available for registered participants of ASSC12 and their accompanying persons. A vegetarian option will be available. The cost for each person is USD 65.

Shanghai Shanghai

Agora Garden, Taipei
No. 68, Sung-Kao, Rd., Taipei
Phone: 886-2-8780-1999 ext. 8438
Webpage: http://www.agoragdn.com.tw/en_resterant_sha.htm


After Party

There will be an after party on the evening of Sunday, June 22. It will be held at Cafe Lumiere, which is near the venue. The theme for both the food and the decor is European, with an emphasis on Belgium. The Western-style cooking at Cafe Lumiere makes it a popular place for foreigners. Welcome to enjoy and relax together after the exiciting and inspiring conference!

Cafe Lumiere No. 15, Alley 14, Lane 283, Roosevelt Rd, Sec.3, Taipei Phone: 886-2-2364-3440 Map