Scientific program overview

Friday May 31st ..........
08:00 Registration opens  
09:00 Morning Workshops:

W01 Using a computational model of consciousness and cognition (Franklin & Baars)
W02 Memory, Dreaming and Consciousness in the Sleeping Brain (Peigneux & Schwartz)
W03 Language and Consciousness: A linguistic perspective (Stamenov)

12:00 Lunch  
13:20 Afternoon Workshops:

W04 Consciousness and Functional Brain Imaging: Methods and Applications (Lloyd)
W05 Conscious and unconscious visual processing: Cognitive and sensorimotor aspects of vision (Bridgeman)
W06 Animal cognition and consciousness (Call)

16:20 Coffe Break  
17:00 Evening Workshops:

W07 The Phylogenetic Origins of Theory of Mind (Hare)
W08 The Role of Language in Perceptual Categorisation (Davidoff)
W09 Forward models and consciousness (Blakemore)
W10 Emotions and Consciousness (Prinz & de Gelder)

20:00 Workshops End  

Welcome Reception

Gardens of the Universitat de Barcelona
(Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 585)

Saturday JUNE 1st
08:00 Registration opens  
09:15 Welcome  
09:30 Aware or unaware? Verbal and Non-Verbal Assessment of Blindsight
Petra Stoerig
10:30 Plenary symposium: Consciousness Without Language
  On the content of chimpanzee consciousness Daniel J. Povinelli [PL-02]
11:10 Coffee Break  
11:40 Plenary symposium: Consciousness Without Language (cont..)
  Rationality and Reasoning Without Language
José Luis Bermúdez
  The early development of executive function: A levels of consciousness approach
Philip David Zelazo
  General Discussion  
13:30 Lunch  
15:15 Concurrent Sessions 1:

CS1.1 Disorders
CS1.2 Science of consciousness
CS1.3 Language of Thought
CS1.4 Higher-Order Thought

17:15 Coffee Break  

A dualism of dependent variables
Larry Weiskrantz

18:30 Poster Session 1  
20:30 Poster Session End  
Sunday JUNE 2nd
09:15 Plenary symposium: Reportability
  The end of anonymous phenomenology?
Anthony I. Jack
  Why Are Verbally Expressed Thoughts Conscious?
David M. Rosenthal
  Re-representing consciousness: Dissociations between experience and meta-consciousness
Jonathan Schooler
11:15 Coffee Break  
11:45 Plenary symposium: Reportability (cont.)
  Consciousness, Attention, and Reportability Jesse Prinz [PL-09]
  Discussant: David Chalmers  
  General Discussion  
13:45 Lunch  
15:15 Concurrent Sessions 2:

CS2.1 Visual Consciousness
CS2.2 Language Processing
CS2.3 Animals/Infants
CS2.4 Conscious Thought

17:15 Coffee Break  
17:30 Artificial Collective Consciousness
Luc Steels

18:30 Poster Session 2  
20:30 Poster Session End  

Conference Banquet

Restaurant Can Cortada (Av. Estatut de Catalunya, 88)

Monday JUNE 3rd
09:15 Unconscious semantic priming
Pío Tudela

10:15 Conscious and Unconscious Aspects of Language Structure
Ray Jackendoff
11:15 Coffee Break  
11:45 Plenary symposium: Synesthesia
  Do Small Balls Squeak? Re-evaluating Neonatal Synesthesia
Daphne Maurer
  Synesthesia, Qualia and Consciousness
Edward M. Hubbard
  Discussant: Philip Merikle  
  General Discussion  
13:45 Lunch  
15:15 Concurrent Sessions 3:

CS3.1 Implicit Processes
CS3.2 Imagery/Synesthesia
CS3.3 Reportability
CS3.4 Ontology

17:15 Coffee Break  
17:30 A Fork in the Road to the Neural Correlate of Consciousness
Ned Block
18:30 End of the ASSC6