Scientific Program Commitee

ASSC4 includes one day of pre-conference workshops followed by an extensive scientific program consisting of plenary lectures and symposia, concurrent sessions of oral presentations, as well as poster presentations.

ASSC4 extends over four days: June 29th, June 30th, July 1st, and July 2nd.

Below you'll find a condensed version of the scientific program with links to increasingly detailed descriptions. Throughout these pages, abstracts referenced by a code between [] will appear in a separate window when you click on its code.


June 29th

08:00 Registration opens (Building S)  
09:00 Morning Workshops:
W01 On the use of brain imaging to study the neural correlates of consciousness (Frith & Rees)
W02 Neural correlates of conscious and unconscious memory (Reber & Paller)
W03 Constraining consciousness: Towards a systematic catalogue of explananda (Metzinger & Engel)
W04 Unity and disunity in bodily awareness: Phenomenology and neuroscience (Cole, Depraz & Gallagher)
W05 Consciousness and the philosophy of mind (Rosenthal)
W06 Binding and the unity of consciousness (Revonsuo)
12:15 Lunch
14:00 Afternoon Workshops:
W07 Unity, association and dissociation of temporal consciousness in recurrent neural networks (Lloyd)
W08 Change detection, attention, and the contents of awareness (Rensink & Simons)
W09 Anaesthesia as a tool for exploring consciousness (Andrade & Jones)
W10 Criteria for consciousness in the brain: Methodological implications of recent developments in cognitive neuroscience (Baars, Tononi & Bickle)
W11 Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation: Implications for research on consciousness (Keenan)
W12 Four ways of understanding consciousness: Conceptual blocks in dualism, physicalism, functionalism, and reflexive monism (Velmans)
17:00 Workshops End
19:00 Opening Lecture
Chris Frith


June 30th

07:30 Registration opens (Building S)  
08:15 Welcome
  Part 1: Neural Synchrony and Binding  
08:30 Consciousness, Attention and Binding
Anne Treisman
09:30 Oscillatory synchrony as a signature for the unity of visual consciousness in humans
Catherine Tallon-Baudry
10:30 Coffee Break  
10:45 Plenary symposium:
  Temporal Binding and the neural correlates of consciousness
Andreas K. Engel
  Neural Synchrony and consciousness: Are we getting somewhere?
Francisco Varela
12:15 Lunch  
13:30 Concurrent Sessions 1:

CS1.1 Foundational issues in the Science of Consciousness
CS1.2 Mechanisms of Binding
CS1.3 Color and Synaesthesia
CS1.4 Conscious and Unconscious Memory

15:30 Coffee Break  
  Part 2: Models of Integration  
16:00 Plenary symposium:
  Consciousness integrated and differentiated
Giulio Tononi
  How the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex can contribute to the unity of consciousness
Randall C. O'Reilly
  Consciousness really explained?
Rodney Cotterill
18:00 Poster Session 1  
20:00 Official Reception (University Great Hall)  


June 1st

  Part 1: The Neuropsychology of Dissociations  
08:30 Fractionating The Binding Process
Glyn Humphreys
09:30 Overt and Covert Face Recognition
Andrew Young
10:30 Coffee Break  
11:00 The Disunity of Consciousness
Semir Zeki
12:00 Lunch  
13:30 Concurrent Sessions 2:

CS2.1 Binding and Unity: Foundational issues
CS2.2 Schizophrenia and Dreams
CS2.3 Attention and Change Blindness
CS2.4 Conscious and Unconscious Process

15:30 Coffee Break  
  Part 2: What is the Unity of Consciousness?  
16:00 Plenary symposium:
  Action and the Unity of Consciousness
Susan Hurley
  Consciousness and Co-consciousness
Sydney Shoemaker
  (Discussant: David Chalmers)  
18:00 Poster Session 2  
20:30 Conference Banquet  


July 2nd

  Implicit and Explicit Aspects of Cognition  
08:30 Plenary symposium:
  Unifying Consciousness with Explicit Knowledge
Zoltan Dienes
  Thinking Learning Differently: The Self-Organizing Consciousness (SOC) Model
Pierre Perruchet & Annie Vinter
  (Discussant: Axel Cleeremans)  
10:30 Coffee Break  
11:00 Concurrent Sessions 3:

CS3.1 What is the Unity of Consciousness?
CS3.2 Neural Mechanisms of Self-Consciousness
CS3.3 Stability and Rivalry
CS3.4 Conscioussness and Emotion

12:30 Lunch  
13:45 Concurrent Sessions 4:

CS4.1 Qualia
CS4.2 The Contents of Consciousness
CS4.3 Altered States of Consciousness
CS4.4 Implicit Learning

15:45 Coffee Break  
16:15 Closing Lecture
Philip Merikle
17:30 Conference Ends  
18:00 Informal Reception