All meetings and workshops will be held in the Social Science Centre of the University of Western Ontario.

There will be an informal reception at the Graduate Student Pub in Middlesex College at 6:30pm Friday evening for workshop participants and conference delegates who arrive on Friday. Those registered for the conference will find a free drink ticket in their registration package (which they can pick up at the registration desk on Friday). This drink ticket is valid only for the Friday evening reception.

Don't forget that on Saturday night there will be a reception and banquet hosted by the University of Western Ontario. All conference delegates are invited. Extra tickets for guests can be purchased at the registration desk.

Download conference program [ pdf 970kb]

Friday, June 4 -- WORKSHOPS

9:00 Pre-Conference Workshops 1
  • Frith, Gallese, Shevrin, Watt, Menon, Marbach
12:00 Lunch
2:00 Pre-Conference Workshops 2
  • Smythies, Ellis/Newton, Simons/Rensink, Schiff, Newman/Revonsuo
5:00 End
6:30 Informal reception: Graduate Student Pub, Middlesex College


8:15 Welcome
8:30 Plenary Talk: What is Autonoetic Consciousness Good For?
Endel Tulving, University of Toronto, Canada.
9:30 Plenary Talk: The Role of the Prefrontal Cortex in the Monitoring of Mnemonic Processes.
Michael Petrides, McGill University, Canada.
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Plenary Forum: Consciousness and Metacognition.
Tom Nelson, University of Maryland, USA and
David Rosenthal, City University of New York, USA.
12:30 Lunch
1:45 Concurrent Sessions 1
1.1 Self-awareness and higher-order thought
1.2 Attention and Imagery
1.3 Brain Imaging and Neurochemistry
1.4 Varieties of Memory
3:45 Tea
4:00 Plenary Symposium: Consciousness, Self, and Other Minds
Attending to other people's mental states. Alan Leslie, Rutgers University, USA.
The Mirror Test. Gordon Gallup, Jr., State University of New York at Albany, USA.
5:30 Poster Session 1 and Cash Bar
7:30 Reception and Banquet: Great Hall, Somerville House

Sunday, June 6th

8:30 Plenary talk: Neurones that perceive faces: Face Perception and responses of brain cells.
David Perrett (and C. Keysers), University of St. Andrews, Scotland, UK.
9:30 Plenary talk: The knowledge of the internal activities of conscious minds: a neurophysiological perspective.
Giacomo Rizzolatti, University of Parma, Italy.
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Plenary Symposium: The Nature of the Will
Apparent Mental Causation: Sources of the Illusion of Conscious Will. Dan Wegner (and Thalia Wheatley), University of Virginia, USA.
Phenomenal Volition and Agenthood: An Application for the Self-Model Theory of Subjectivity. Thomas Metzinger, Germany.
12:30 Lunch
1:45 Concurrent Sessions 2
2.1 Explanatory Gap
2.2 Conscious and Unconscious Perceptual Processes
2.3 Self and Action
2.4 Cognitive Models of Consciousness
3:45 Tea
4:00 Plenary Symposium: Faces, Self, and Consciousness
Interactions between face and self revealed by personal accounts of facial difference. Jonathan Cole, University of Southampton, UK.
Neural correlates of changes in perceptual awareness in the absence of changes in the stimulus Nancy Kanwisher, MIT, USA.
Face and object recognition: Competition for conscious awareness in agnosia and normal perception. Morris Moscovitch, University of Toronto, Canada.
6:15 Poster Session 2 and Cash Bar

Monday, June 7th

8:30 Plenary Talk: Understanding disorders of the awareness of control.
Chris Frith, University College, London.
9:30 Plenary Talk: Consciousness of Action and Self-Consciousness.
Marc Jeannerod, Institut des Sciences Cognitives, Lyon, France
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Concurrent Sessions 3
3.1 Meaning, Language, and Consciousness
3.2 Visual Consciousness
3.3 Schizophrenia
3.4 Pain and Consciousness
12:30 Lunch
1:45 Concurrent Sessions 4
4.1 Evolution and Epistemology of Consciousness
4.2 Contents of Visual Consciousness
4.3 Self and Agency
4.4 Unconscious Processes
3:45 Tea
4:00 Final Panel Discussion and Close
6:00 Farewell Party: Grad Pub, Middlesex College