Concurrent sessions

Concurrent Session 1

Friday June 20, 2:00PM-4:00PM

CS 1.1. Feedback, Control, and Self-Regulation

Chair: Shinsuke Shimojo
Stephen L. Macknik, The Role of Feedback in Visual Masking, Visual Awareness and Attention
Henrik Walter, Conscious Emotion Regulation Suspenses Genetically Determined Differences in Amygdala Reactivity
Rodrigo Segnini, When Fear is in My Voice but not My Brain: Feedback Effects of Emotional Voice Transformation on Self-Rated Emotion Experience
Eugenio Fernando Rodriguez, Conscious Control of Perceptual States Differs from Spontaneous Control Both in Behavior and in Brain Activity

CS 1.2. Access and Phenomenal Consciousness

Chair: Ned Block
Tobias Schlicht, Phenomenal Consciousness and Accessibility
Benjamin Daniel Young, The Phenomenal-Concept Gap
David Cannon Drake, The Ability to Report is Neither Sufficient nor Necessary for the Occurrence of Conscious Experience
Jerome Sackur, Quantifying the Limits of Introspection

CS 1.3. Discriminating Consciousness from Non-Consciousness

Chair: Ryan McKay
Chou Po Hung, Weak Signal or No Signal? How Imaging and Firing Rate Signals Missed a Robust Functional Circuit for Brightness Perception
Stephan Schleim, Bridging the Gap? A Neurophilosophical Assessment of “Mind Reading” Technology
Kristian Sandberg, Three Different Continuous Awareness Scales Predict Performance in a Visual Identification Task and Support the View that Consciousness Is a Gradual Phenomenon
Ryan Bradley Scott, Mapping the Transition from Unconscious to Conscious Knowledge

Concurrent Session 2

Saturday June 21, 2:00PM-4:00PM

CS 2.1. Decision-Making

Chair: Nicholas Georgalis
Petter Johansson, Choice Blindness and Consumer Decision Making
Zoltan Dienes, Gambling on the Unconscious
Ching-Hung Lin, Reexamining the Effect of Long-Term Outcome and Gain-Loss Frequency: From Unconsciousness to Consciousness
Chun Siong Soon, Unconscious Formation of Free Intentions: Functional Dissociation of Different Regions in Prefrontal Cortex

CS 2.2. New Methods for Studying Consciousness

Chair: Keng-Chen Liang
Chia-Huei Tseng, Novel Paradigms for Studying Subjective Experience in Motion and Object Perception
Silke Anders, Global Encoding of Affective Space in Large-Scale Patterns of Human Brain Activity
Naotsugu Tsuchiya, Decoding Monkey’s Conscious Experience during Ambiguous and Unambiguous Motion Percept Reveals Initial Non-conscious Spike Activity and Later Neuronal Correlates of Consciousness in Area MT
Bruno Berberian, Gradual Change and Implicit Detection: A New Methodological Approach

CS 2.3. Modeling Consciousness

Chair: Thomas Metzinger
Axel Cleeremans, Consciousness and Metarepresentation: A Computational Sketch
Hung-Wei Lee, Nonlinear Functional Connectivity in Visual Awareness: A Small-World Study
Vikas Shah, Does the Brain Implement Some Form of Delay Coordinate Embedding?
Norbert Fuerstenau, Simulation of Bistable Perception with Long Range Correlations Using Reentrant Nonlinear Perception-Attention-Memory Coupling


Concurrent Session 3

Sunday June 22, 2:00PM-4:00PM

CS 3.1. Mary Revisited

Chair: Ian Gold
Yasuko Kitano, An Examination of No-Concept Reply to Frank Jackson's Knowledge Argument
Nicholas Georgalis, Cognition and Consciousness
Karen Yan, Trouble with Dretske's Accessibility
Marius Dumitru, What It Is Like to Think. On Cognitive Phenomenology, Functionalism, and Externalism

CS 3.2. Blindsight in Normal and Lesioned Brains

Chair: Zoltan Dienes
Masatoshi Yoshida, Neural Correlate of Reduced Visual Awareness in the Superior Colliculus of Monkeys with Blindsight
Olivia Carter, Motion Induced Blindness: The More You Attend the Less You See
Ryota Kanai, TMS on Intraparietal Sulcus Triggers Perceptual Disappearance
Alexander Maier, Visual Awareness Correlates with Layer-Specific Activity in Visual Cortex

CS 3.3. Anesthesia and Coma

Chair: Jen-Chuen Hsieh
Feiyan Chen, Unconsciousness and the Energy Consumption of Brain During Resting State
Athena Demertzi, Resting State Connectivity Integrity in the Default Network Reflects the Level of Consciousness Impairment in Brain-Injured Patients. An fMRI Study in Brain Death, Coma, Vegetative State, Minimally Conscious State and Locked-In Syndrome
Valdas Noreika, Diversity of Conscious Experiences During General Anaesthesia
Michael R. H. Hill, The Effects of Anaesthetics on the Cortex as Revealed by Voltage Sensitive Dye Imaging

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