ASSC 21 – Travel and local information


Transportation to the Conference


ASSC21 will be held at Beijing International Convention Center, No.8 Beichen Dong Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. For Taxi, show this to the driver: 北京国际会议中心, 北京市朝阳区北辰东路8号。



From Beijing Capital International Airport: 1) airport shuttle line 5, to Asian Games Village (Anhui Bridge); 2) airport express subway (Terminal 3-----Sanyuanqiao) ----- line 10 (Sanyuanqiao-----4 stations---- Beitucheng) ----- line 8 (Beitucheng-----Olympic Sports Center). For more information:




From Beijing Station: subway line 2 (Beijing Station--Guloudajie) --- line 8 (Guloudajie--Olympic Sports Center)


From Beijing South Station: subway line 4 (Beijing South Station--Xuanwumen) --- line 2 (Xuanwumen--Guloudajie) --- line 8 (Guloudajie-- Olympic Sports Center)

Check this website for subway route planning:

Choose the start station and the destination, for example, Airport Express Terminal 3 and Line 8 Olympic Sports Center.


General Transport Information of Beijing

Beijing Subway possesses 18 subway lines in Beijing covering most of the city. There are more details and a riding scheme planner at its official website: The sign below are shown when there is a station nearby.


Public Buses are also available in Beijing yet most of them are for self-service so it is advised to use them only when accompanied by a local guide.

Transportation Smart card is used for the subway and the bus, and can be rented with credits at any subway station. Later, it can be returned at stations listed below for refunds.

Subway Lines


Line 1

Guchenglu, Sihui

Line 2

Fuxingmen, Xizhimen

Line 5

Lishuiqiao, Yonghegong, Dongdan, Songjiazhuang, Xizhimen

Line 8

Jianguomen, Beitucheng

Line 10

Shaoyaoju, Zhichunlu

Line 13


Airport Express

T3 of Capital Airport


Taxi can be hailed around the city and most drivers know a bit of English. Be sure to use the official ones with a sign on the roof and a driver’s registration card. To avoid any trouble, please ask for receipts after the ride. Taxi reservation: 96106.


Local Tourist Spots and Restaurants



Beijing International Convention Center is to the east of the central area of the facilities for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.



The west and north side of the convention center is surrounded by Olympic Green. The National Stadium, known as the Bird’s Nest, and the National Aquatics Center, known as the Water Cube, are both near the Convention Center, within 500m. They are shining examples of the main sport buildings for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.


To the South, there is a Relics Park for the capital city wall of Yuan Dynasty. A part of the ancient city wall is preserved in the park together with beautiful natural scenery.


To the east side of the convention center stand many restaurants, where you can enjoy Chinese food or choose fast food for quick refreshment. There are Jingweizhai (京味斋,Beijing Flavor Restaurant), Qiaojiangnan (俏江南,Fashionable South Food), Shanghai Xiaonanguo (上海小南国, Shanghai’s South State Food) and others all providing some excellent Chinese cuisines. Also, if you prefer familiar food, there are western restaurant and fast food like KFC and Mc Donald’s.


Famous Tourist Attractions

The Palace Museum- The Forbidden City:

The Great Wall:

Summer palace:

Other Information: