ASSC 21 Registration - ASSC Non-menbers in Chinese Mainland - Later


1 中国大陆境内的非ASSC会员请将注册费汇款到下面账户

t  户名: 中国认知科学学会 

t  账号: 0200006209200298074

t  开户行:工行北京东升路支行 

2 528日后进行会议注册,不可以再选择13日上午和下午的Tutorial以及15日的Dinner 如果您只进行注册,请汇款2800元注册费到上面账户,汇款备注“单位+姓名+R” 




Early Fees 

(until May 28th)   

Late Fees 

 (until June 9th)   

On site   

Conference Registration - non-ASSC Member  

2500 RMB  

2800 RMB  

3000 RMB  

Tutorials (June 13 / Optional)  

300 RMB (each)  

Not available 

Not available  

Gala Dinner - Regular Fees (June 15 / Optional)  

300 RMB  

Not available  

Not available  

Gala Dinner - Student Fees (June 15 / Optional)  

200 RMB  

Not available

Not available  


Optional Morning Tutorials (9:00am-12:00pm, June 13th) - 300 RMB each for early registration (you can only select 1 morning and/or 1 afternoon tutorial):


TUTORIAL M1 - 9:00AM: The Use of Sensory Deprivation and Sensory Restriction paradigms 

Oliver Mason


TUTORIAL M2 - 9:00AM: Why Illusionism The Case for a Progressive Consciousness Research Program

Daniel Dennett, Keith Frankish, & Enoch Lambert


TUTORIAL M3 - 9:00AM: Quantifying metacognition: measures, models, and theories

Stephen Fleming 


TUTORIAL M4 - 9:00AM: The empirical study of altered states of consciousness: Common standards in the psychometric assessment of subjective experiences 

Timo Torsten Schmidt


Optional Afternoon Tutorials (1:00pm-4:00pm, June 13th)- 300 RMB each for early registration (you can only select 1 morning and/or 1 afternoon tutorial):


TUTORIAL A1 - 1:00PM: A primer on experimental hypnosis research 

Devin B. Terhune, Vince Polito, & Amanda J. Barnier

TUTORIAL A2 - 1:00PM: Using Bayes to provide evidence for no effect

Zoltan Dienes

TUTORIAL A3 - 1:00PM: Deep Learning: Implementing Consciousness 

Antoine Pasquali 


TUTORIAL A4 - 1:00PM: Computational and Theoretical Foundations of the Predictive Mind

Ryota Kanai & Jakob Hohwy

TUTORIAL A5 - 1:00PM: Novel neuroimaging techniques for the non-invasive study of consciousness 

 Lucas Parra, Jacobo Sitt, & Enzo Tagliazucchi


Optional Gala Dinner (June 15th) - 300 RMB each