ASSC 17 is now history; the issues remain.

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ASSC 17 events are supported in part through the generosity of:

July 12:

Tutorials: Zoltan Dienes, Rocco Gennaro, Anil Seth & Ryota Kanai; Paula Droege; Giulio Tononi, Christof Koch, Nao Tsuchiya & Masafumi Oizumi; David Carmel & Steve Fleming; Jennifer Windt & Sascha Fink; Frank Tong.

Presidential Address: Andreas Engel. 

Welcome Reception (San Diego Sheraton Hotel and Marina)

July 13:

Keynotes: Itzhak Fried, Shaun Gallagher;

Symposium: Richard Brown, Rafi Malach, Joseph Levine & Dobromir Rahnev.

Special Roundtable: Debating The Integrated Information Theory of Consciousness

Giulio Tononi, Christof Koch, Gary Marcus & Jennifer Goldman,

Stuart Firestein (moderator).

Special Event: From Matter to Mind - Evening Talks and Music in Honor of Gerald M. Edelman: 

Paul Verschure, Anil Seth, and a video tribute by Oliver Sacks; Performance by The Hutchins Consort. 

Post-Event Reception (Cash Bar)

July 14:

Keynotes: Sabine Kastner, Patrick Cavanagh;

Symposium: Olaf Blanke, Thomas Metzinger, Roy Salomon, Andrea Serino & Frédérique de Vignemont.

ASSC 17 Banquet at Hotel Del Coronado - Bus transportation provided to and from Hotel Del Coronado.

July 15:

Symposia: Lucia Melloni, Stanislas Dahaene, Michael Pitts & Ned Block; Adrian Owen, Lorina Naci, 

Bryan Young, Daniel Bor, Charles Weijer & Andrew Peterson

ASSC17 Afterparty by the Beach

July 16:

Satellite Symposium - Perception and Action in Immersive Worlds: Sergei Gephstein & Alex McDowell, Chairs

Organizing Committee: David Edelman (Chair), Edward Vul, Thomas Albright, Gedeon O. Deak, Sergei Gepshtein, Ayse Saygin, Jennifer Goldman

Scientific Program Committee: Tobias Schlicht (Chair), David Edelman, Hakwan Lau, Shimon Edelman, Andreas Engel, Heather Berlin, Masatoshi Yoshida, David Rosenthal, Corrado Sinigaglia, Hal Blumenfeld, Olivia Carter

Conference Poster:

ASSC17 Poster