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ASSC 16 Conference registration fee for students (July 3-6) - £180:


Optional morning tutorial (July 2) - £40 each (you can only select 1 morning &/or 1 afternoon tute):

TUTORIAL 1-AM: Towards a comprehensive theory of subjectivity and selfhood: Philosophy, cognitive science, neurology and neuroimaging
Olaf Blanke & Thomas Metzinger

Sensory substitution
Jamie Ward

-AM: A primer on experimental hypnosis research
Devin Terhune

-AM: Self-Knowledge: Philosophy meets Cognitive Science
Axel Cleeremans, Morten Overgaard, Bert Timmermans & Ryan Scott 

Optional afternoon tutorial (July 2)- £40 each (you can only select 1 morning &/or 1 afternoon tute):

TUTORIAL 1-PM: The Science of Magic: Turning magic into science
Gustav Kuhn & Ronald Rensink

Meditation and consciousness: Two ways meditation can contribute to consciousness science
Susan Blackmore

Neurosurgery and its role in the study of consciousness
James Laban, Harutumo Hasegawa & Keyoumars Ashkan

The phenomenology, neurobiology and neurocognitive basis of depersonalization
Heather Berlin & Nick Medford 

Optional conference dinner (July 5) - £60:

The perfect way to relax after a big day, and an ideal chance to meet other conference participants. The food will be excellent.

Optional satellite - (July 7) Neuropsychiatry & Consciousness - £30:

This is a satellite event that is independent of the main ASSC16 conference [Click here for more details].

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